When you demand of yourself that what you say is always the truth and you always persevere and do what you promise, then the power of your word increases dramatically. Your intentions, incantations, and ideas will shape the world in amazing and very direct ways. Almost as if by magic. If your word is law, what you say has the power of the universe behind you because you always do what you say. To our brother, Stuart Wilde, from his book Infinite Self: Tell Yourself, “I will solemnly move these stones every morning at 7:01 for seven days and fifteen minutes. Then pick up the first stone, walk slowly in the garden and lay it; Bow down and say to the stone, “Thank you.” Then take a walk in the garden, pick up the second stone and bring it to the other side. Place it next to the first stone. Walk back and forth and take all the stones through the garden. There`s a lot of exercise you might find, but you don`t even really need it.

Keep your word, do what you say, always respect it and stop making excuses and lying. Be honest with people and with yourself and know that every time you do, your Word becomes law and its magical power increases. What we say really has the power to influence our experiences, the world around us, our inner life, and the people we interact with. We have just relinquished this power for lack of discipline. “Someone`s word is law.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/someone%27s%20word%20is%20law. Retrieved 23 November 2022. Here is an exercise that will strengthen your willpower and help you a little. Find a spot outside in the garden or park, anywhere, and find 12 stones. In fact, I resonate with her a lot, and especially when it comes to such areas of work, as what some often call “Big Magick.” For example, I have a strong passion for weather manipulation work, and I have done and documented some work that has led to some truly amazing results. But when I look back, I feel that in addition to the determination I apply to this work, which means that what I say can also go a long way. If we constantly disobey what we say or tell lies to get out of things we don`t want to do, then we deny any power that our intentions, words, and will will have over our world. If you don`t even believe in your own hype, why do you think others would? Why do you think creation would believe you? Sounds easy, doesn`t it? Most people are not used to their word as law.

They are used to dodging – slipping away when conditions do not suit them. It weakens them, because the mind knows that you are full of bull. We need to stop lying and become completely honest instead – if you can`t be honest in a situation, don`t say anything. Don`t make up lies to get out of it, just say “No, I don`t want that” or “I don`t want to commit to it” – don`t qualify or quantify either, you don`t have to explain yourself. If someone asks you to do free work for them, for example, and you don`t want to, instead of making up a lie, just say, “Don`t take it personally, I`m just making a personal rule that I don`t work for free.” Most people don`t really keep their word – not even for themselves. We accept things we never want to do, we promise to help people and then we don`t, we say we`re going to eat healthy and then eat pizza a few hours later, or a bunch of other things. For this reason, our word means absolutely nothing – especially to ourselves. Our Word, therefore, has no power, no weight, and absolutely no essence or magical power. I would like to talk a little bit about the idea of establishing your word as law, because it has come up to me a lot lately. Your Word, which becomes law, means that what you say will happen – will happen, and what you say you will do – you do! Not only will this benefit and strengthen any personal relationships you have, but it will also give you a much better foundation to establish your willpower in the world.

However, if what you say is always the truth and you always do what you say, then your words have immense power – when you say something, it becomes real. Your words have the direct power to change reality. Having your word as law also affects whether your word has power, even in situations for which you are not directly responsible. Your word becomes truly magical. Tell you, and it happens. I would like to know more about your meteorological work – have you published any details? It is important to establish your Word as a law to yourself and to others, because this in itself becomes an affirmation of your ever-changing authority over the ego.