As I said earlier, it is crucial that you always have your emergency window breaker on hand in the event of an accident. There`s no point in getting stuck in the driver`s seat and getting there. An officer at the scene attempted to break the window of the couple`s car with a standard hammer to help them escape, but was unsuccessful because the windows were laminated. Another officer then used his baton to gain access to the vehicle. Question: What is the best window breaker for women? Being stuck in a vehicle after an accident is no joke, here are some recommendations for reliable window breakers if such an emergency occurs. See below for my suggestions. He added: “We also recommended that officers receive training on how to use life hammers and alternatives that might be more effective. We also advised the armed forces to consider equipment that would allow officers to break all types of windows, including laminate windows. Each of these deaths could have been saved if the victims had had a window breaker nearby. The LifeGuard is an automotive emergency kit in one! This fantastic product is multifunctional, with a powerful headlight and flashlight, a recessed blade cutter that releases the driver and passengers when the seat belt is locked, and a stainless steel emergency brake pin that automatically unfolds when pressed against the side or rear window to break the glass. The rescue unit is magnetic, so you can stick it on the outside of your car and use the red flash to get roadside assistance. The only exception would be if you are known to steal motor vehicles, in which case it could be considered equipment because of the glass breaker.

After years of research and experimentation with different window breakers, I have compiled a list of tools that I believe are the best currently available. Another smart design that gives you easy access to a window breaker in case of emergency is this 3-in-1 USB charger/car emergency evacuation device. I bought one as a gift from a friend who appreciates my interest in safety devices. You know, the one that has a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker capability. People say it are legal British, but I`m sure as far as the letter of the law is concerned, it has a blade that is tight, does not bend. I like to carry useful things and as such, my transport knife complies with UK law and I also put it in my pocket bag to free it further from quick access. But while I want to carry a ResQme tool, I don`t want to spend money on it if I can`t carry it legally, because then it becomes almost a total waste of money. Answer: In my experience, it is difficult to improve a lifehammer mounted in the vehicle, regardless of your gender.

Some products advertise for women, but apart from the color, they usually do not differ much from other models. These hammers do not require much physical strength. The charger has two USB ports to charge your phone or other compatible devices. The metal tip of the charger is made of tungsten and is designed as an efficient glass breaker. The placement of the seat belt cutter prevents your fingers from being cut off, even when cutting. If you carry your emergency window breaker in your pocket or on you, there is a risk that you will not have access to it in case the unthinkable happens and you are involved in an accident. The Lifehammer safety hammer is such a classic design for a window hammer that it has never disappeared. I have one in my car, mounted above the driver`s seat. Despite its lightweight construction, it does its job admirably thanks to the two hardened steel tips.

Luckily, I didn`t have to use it in an emergency, but I was able to try it on an old car destined for scrapping. I highly recommend placing your emergency window breaking tool in the center console or above the driver`s seat, the two easiest places to get to quickly in a confusing or scary situation. That said, many people keep their crusher on their key ring, and some shots are specifically designed for this. Keeping your keys in your pocket or handy at all times may be an appropriate solution for you. My interest in window breakers began when I had to commute to a meadow that had a history of severe flooding. I have witnessed horrific accidents during that time and I have known from local media reports that a large proportion of the deaths occurred because people were trapped in their vehicles by floodwaters. After further research, I found that flooding is not the only threat to life that can be countered with a window breaker. There are all kinds of environments where you really don`t want to be trapped in your vehicle. Mountainous areas or cliffs can be dangerous, as can long wildernesses.

Bad weather can also pose a threat to your safety: heat, rain, snow and wind are potentially deadly in some situations. Police officers need new direction and refreshed training on how to break the windows of vehicles involved in accidents. In addition to a built-in hammer, many glass breakers also contain other survival tools. With a belt cutter, for example, you can quickly free yourself and others. A flashlight helps you navigate the dark and gives you the ability to report help. This does not mean that other users are not police officers or employees, but simply that we have not been able to verify them, so please take all responses from these users with the appropriate level of skepticism and always consider seeking formal legal advice in any case. Of course, once you`ve purchased your emergency window circuit breaker, you`ll need to install it. Many models come with a stand for easy installation. Для работы персонализированной рекламы (включая рекламные объявления на основе интересов) мы можем передавать ваши данные нашим партнерам по маркетингу и рекламе с помощью файлов cookie и других средств. У этих партнеров может быть собственная информация, собранная о вас. Отключение персонализированной рекламы не означает прекращения демонстрации рекламы Etsy или изменений в алгоритмах персонализации Etsy, но может привести к тому, что реклама будет повторяться чаще и станет менее актуальной. This policy applies to all individuals who use our Services, regardless of their location.

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