Once you`ve received an offer to work at a global company, you don`t have to wait to be a partner. Instead, international work can be imposed on employees from the beginning. Wink tells us he`s been working on international affairs since his first year with the firm. “It`s universal, at least for tax lawyers in Skadden,” he says. Dzierniejko`s work in capital markets also meant that international engagement began from day one. “We deal with a lot of foreign companies that want to raise capital in the U.S. market and U.S. companies that want to internationalize,” he says. “It`s not all agreements, but it`s often all other agreements.” In addition, global companies must consider the international consequences of their actions, which adds a crucial layer of complexity. This can complicate the work of lawyers, but for many, it also adds a layer of excitement and dynamism.

Once you`ve made the decision, Turner believes the best method is also the easiest. “Type your name and say you want the opportunity,” she says. “I thought about working in other offices for a while. Then I finally put my name in the hat, and three weeks later I was on my way to Hong Kong. Of course, some practice areas make it easier to gain international work experience than others, so it`s helpful to familiarize yourself with how each practice area works. Read our Inside View reviews or check out the Chambers World Rankings for full details. Not all departments are as international as, for example, international trade. Practices thriving in the international offices of U.S.

companies can be a good indicator of where you should set your goals. Keep abreast of new developments within the company. For example, Skadden recently established an antitrust firm in Hong Kong. Knowing these details can help you decide which area of international law you want to pursue. We`ll cover the specific complexities of international work later, but first, let`s see how you can embark on a career path that involves working on international affairs. Skadden`s lawyers kindly shared what students can do now to maximize their chances of being hired and thriving in a multinational cauldron. First, you intend to apply for an apprenticeship contract with a large international company. Can you explain why you want to work there and relate it to your skills and experience? Let`s take a look at an answer that didn`t impress our expert Samantha Brown, partner at Herbert Smith Freehills. Finally, we asked Skadden`s lawyers for some advice they would give to their former selves as they took their first steps towards an international-focused career. In the UK, 80 of Chambers Student`s 115 legal employers have at least one overseas office, with the top five law firms having an average of 36 overseas offices. The UK is also proving to be an attractive market for law firms based abroad.

The Thomson Reuters Institute study states: “The UK legal market has seen the greatest optimism in [client] spending over the past five years. Law firms with effective staff mobility programs benefit from a successful relocation program with increased productivity and reduced costs. Many employees appreciate the possibility of international assignments and they have an economic sense for the law firm. International assignments are well suited to career development and help retain employees and reduce recruitment and training costs. Over the past 30 years, this particular type of law firm has proliferated, defined by its ability to provide coordinated legal services that suit the global clients they serve. It`s a defining trend in the legal industry and, fortunately for those looking for a legal career, it`s here to stay. “I am now able to pick up the phone and call anyone in the companies` international offices, confident that the answer on the other end of the line `will be safe – I`m happy to support that`. Clyde & Co has a clear strategic direction, which it provides through a seamless global service – it`s a model that really sets us apart. “As a titan of law firms, Skadden rewards determined and ambitious people. Junck advises young lawyers to develop a niche that fits with one of the firm`s international practices.

He says, “To become a desirable candidate to change positions, identify a specialty that is valued in a particular jurisdiction and become an expert in that field.” “For those who want to do legal work at the highest technical level and design their workplace, Clyde & Co is the place to be. We are committed to international growth and in all regions and everyone is invited to join us in our efforts. Dr. Henning Schaloske, an early-career partner at Clyde & Co and head of the firm`s Düsseldorf office, discusses the benefits of physical offices around the world#LCCareers International regulators must increasingly be taken into account, even if the case or case does not seem international. Doyle provides a recent example of his M&A practice. “We represented a buyer of a publicly traded Dutch company that had a lot of American shareholders,” he says. “The company was not listed in the U.S. and had no U.S. business, but we had to take into account the U.S. takeover rules administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission with the regulations of the Dutch Securities and Exchange Authority.” Other levels of complexity are added by conflicts between regulators. According to Doyle, for example, China`s MOFCOM is increasingly asserting itself on the types of transactions over which the U.S. has had more authority in the past, even though China is not at the core of the deal.

Packing your bags and changing offices is an adventurous way to take advantage of the opportunities of a global business. As Turner says, “Besides New York, there are many other places to work. There are a plethora of opportunities around the world when you work at a global company like Skadden. The question is whether you are leveraging the global platform. Brittany Turner: “If you`re researching a company, if you`re interested in going to different offices, be sure to ask if that`s a possible option. Ask to speak to employees who have spent time abroad to get a real insight into the process. Let`s take a quick look at some of the reasons that make a large law firm more attractive. To succeed as an international lawyer, it is important to keep abreast of events and trends that affect multinational clients who use your services. Immediately, knowledge and awareness of U.S. foreign policy issues will impress recruiters. Legal Cheek`s recent virtual event “How law firms go global” brought together partners from Clyde & Co`s offices in London, Manchester and Düsseldorf to discuss the firm`s international strategy and what it means to be part of a global network. Read on to find out exactly what it means to join an international law firm: the issues Skadden lawyers face, the international opportunities they have, and their advice for a successful career as an international lawyer in a global firm.

In addition to the financial benefits and career growth in a profession, there is something called job satisfaction. This is what you can expect in a large law firm. If you want to test your intellectual abilities every time you come across a new case, a great law firm is the place for you. They deal with different cases of varying complexity. The result is that lawyers and paralegals have the opportunity to improve their intellectual abilities while working. Another advantage is that when the team is trying to find a solution to a complex problem, they work closely together. The result is a team spirit that grows tremendously and the ability to work in a cohesive environment. The title is certainly not limited to those who qualify in two (or more) jurisdictions. The roles of lawyers in global law firms are more interconnected. Cross-border cases may require qualified attorneys to be based in foreign offices in the United States, and different jurisdictions and firms have their own rules on how this process works. Brittany Turner, an employee seconded from Skadden`s New York office to her Hong Kong office, tells us: “The firm is sponsoring you to become a registered foreign lawyer.