Computerized photographs of the parties implementing the document are also taken digitally by the Secretariat. The left thumbprint of all parts of the document is also digitally recorded. Using computer-generated programming, thumbprints and photos are automatically generated and printed on separate paper containing photographs of both parties, which must then be signed by all executors before the Joint Registrar/Deputy Registrar. Details, thumbprints and photos of witnesses will also be printed and generated via a computer system, which will now also be part of the register. These two witnesses must provide proof of identity, affix a thumbprint and their respective photographs, and sign this sheet in front of and in the presence of the Deputy Registrar. Since 1.-1-2002, the affixing of photos and fingerprints by webcam is mandatory for the registration of the property document. Documents will be saved on a computer from 1.2.2002. Prior to final registration, typed papers/sheets describing the name of the seller, the buyer and the address of the property, etc., are usually handed over to the contracting party shortly before registration in order to verify the accuracy of the data contained therein. In view of the above, it is advisable to check this data sheet of the parties for the accuracy of the content entered therein. Finally, the Joint Sub-Registrar will sign and affix the page number, full page and numeric keypad, stamp, etc.

on each page of this Agreement and in the Annex. see the deceased placed his right thumbprint at the bottom of the testamentary document Ex. p. 2. This was sufficiently explained by him on the witness stand. He openly admitted that he was not present. When the will was signed by the testator attaching his right thumbprint to it, but he explained that as soon as he was asked to witness the act, he expressed the wish that he .. The testator acknowledged the will itself, and the normal conclusion is that the right thumbprint affixed to the will was thus affected by the testator of his own free will and will. The registration process mainly includes the following steps and filing the required documents/documents and paying the registration fee to the vital statistics office: (Many people have confusion as to why officials ask for the left thumbprint (LTI) for men and women for the right thumbprint (RTI) while giving consent to the written question on paper. This article explains the law and practice on this topic.) Two witnesses accompanied by their photographs and proof of identity must remain present to identify the parties to the agreement, for which two witnesses must present their photograph, signature and fingerprint to the registration authority. These witnesses should not necessarily be the same as those who signed as witnesses in the agreement. These witnesses must present their photograph, thumbprints and signature to the clerk as an identification sign for the parties to the document.

Some registry offices take computerized digital photos, the fingerprint of the back thumb of the witness and also get the signature of the witness on such a document…, they cut me like that. The time was 430 to 500 hours. I can`t sign because there are cuts on both hands. I can subscribe to the right thumbprint… Dr. T. Applicant`s print with right thumb. 17. An objective and critical assessment of the available documents shows that the registration of deaths began immediately.

The other four people cut me indiscriminately with hunting sickles on my legs and hands. He stuck his right thumbprint on the statement. There is one. Documents containing contracts for the transfer of immovable property for consideration for the purposes of section 53-A of the Transfer of Ownership Act 1882 (4 of 1882) are registered if they were signed on or after the coming into force of the Registration Act and other related Acts (Amendment) Act 2001 and if such documents are not registered at or after the time of coming into force that date. they shall then have no effect within the meaning of the said article 53 (A). some traces of evidence. Ajit Singh and his companions first asked the impersonator to put his right thumbprint on the purchase contract, knowing full well that Indian men are used to it. his left-wing impressions and there would be a distant possibility of comparing Harnek Singh`s right thumbprint. Not only that, they also smuggled Harnek Singh`s (?) thumbprints. Impression by Harnek Singh and has been compared as such by DW Dr. Atul Kumar Singla. He expressed the opinion that out of four controversial thumbprints of the purchase agreement, one (marked by him as Q3) due to.

Right thumbprint for the woman and left thumbprint for the man If the seller dies after signing the document, but before registering this document, in this case it will be difficult to complete the formality of registration within 4 months of the legal deadline or during the additional period of 4 months. In the event of the death of the seller, the legal heirs of the deceased must complete the registration formalities. In this case, the buyer/assignee has two options. 1% of the market value of the remaining share(s) after the separation of the largest share, or ₹ 30000, whichever is lower. Land planned for a total price of Rs. 32,500/- and the plaintiff paid Rs 20,000 to the defendant as an advance. The defendant placed his right thumbprint in the agreement, as did his left. the name of the applicant (Abdulla). Ext.A1 contains three pages and each page contains the name of the defendant (Muhammed) and his fingerprint and the three pages contain the signature of the plaintiff (Abdulla) and each. Presence of witnesses and notary. Well, that notary is no more.

Therefore, it cannot be determined whether the defendant has his right thumbprint in Ext.A1 in the presence of. In AIR 1950 – Supreme Court, 265, the Supreme Court held that there must be physical contact between the person who is to sign and the signature or sign on the document. Therefore, in the case of the person who has lost both hands, the signature can be made by means of a mark. This sign can be defined by the person in any way. This could be the toe print, as suggested. It may be a sign which any person may affix to the name of the person to be signed, this sign being affixed by an act having had physical contact with the person required to sign. » Cases cited for the legal proposal you were looking for. In the case of a property document with a value greater than ₹ 5,000,000/-, proof of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of all parties to the documents is mandatory. If the party does not have a NAP, you must file Form 60 with the Sub-Registrar with the documentation. The purpose of signing documents is to have a paper consent record to the case. With regard to the consent procedure, there is no legal distinction between an educated person and an illiterate person. Therefore, the requirements for correct and valid execution of a document are the same for both. Since illiterates, blind people and other disabled persons cannot sign it, they express their consent by signing loan documents, affidavits, statements, writing a will, opening a bank account, withdrawing money from their account, etc.

If the building is completed before March 25, 1991, the municipal project must be attached. The Registrar also insists on the submission and retention of the following documents, copies by the parties to the agreement: The State of Maharashtra has recently introduced a new procedure for stamp duty clearance electronically to combat errors in the registration of documents. Copy of bank challan/postage receipt/bank receipt/stamp vendor through which stamp duty and registration fees are paid, if applicable, or copy of the required payslip requirement/draft of registration fee. Now, however, stamp duty can be paid by electronic payment via GRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System) on the government website by electronic payment type via Net Banking.