While most psychoactive herbs are legal here, your local laws may vary. If you`re not from Louisiana, chances are these are legal. (notable exceptions = Cannabis & Kratom) Further details on legal status can be found on individual herbal items. These are neutral herbs used in herbal blends. Useful to replace tobacco in cannabis. Bear Blend`s Bulk Herbs are a premium line of certified organic, additive-free ceremonial plant-based smoke blends. Herbal blends can be enjoyed in a pipe, spray bottle or roll paper and can also be mixed with other herbs and tobacco. RYO (roll yours). Evaporate it like a flower or put it in your pipe. Ceremonial herbal smoke blends can be used as smoke or vape.

Our premium blends of over 40 certified organic, biodynamic and fair trade medicinal herbs create a healthier tobacco alternative with relaxing and anxiolytic effects. We recommend taking care of your health and avoiding herbal smoke if possible. Although we think that smoking tobacco is the worst habit, smoking herbs also cannot be considered a healthy alternative. You should definitely try to consume these herbs as tea whenever possible. Vaping would also be a healthier alternative to smoking. You`ll then want to add a smokable herb or flower that has a more even texture so that your plant-based cigarettes burn slowly and mostly evenly on all sides, like mugwort, hops, and even catnip! Finally, you can choose an aromatic herb to smoke that harmonizes with your main terpene flavor profile. You can choose to supplement, hide or enhance it. You can smoke lavender, rose petals, thyme, and even rosemary to spice up the flavor of your own smokable herbal blend! Dried white sage leaves are typically used in smoking mixtures to improve mood. White sage promotes the feeling of relaxation and also increases memory. If only smoked the taste . “Based on the belief that smoking can be an important part of a holistic wellness practice” Learn more about smokable herbs and benefits here! Good question! Traditional herbal smoke blends consist of three parts: basic, supportive, and aromatic herbs. Basic herbs tend to be neutral, light, stringy or fluffy; They serve as pillows for other herbs.

(40-60% of your mixture) Supportive herbs, also known as “kickers,” generally have more potency and may have positive benefits in anxiety, digestion, lungs, and the nervous system. (30% of your mix) Aromatic herbs are said to stimulate the taste buds and improve the aftertaste. (10-15% of your mixture) For a complete overview, check out our article on smoke mixing. We currently provide legal dried herbs and herbal blends You can either buy pre-rolled herbal cigarettes online or save even more money by buying herbal smoke blends and rolling them yourself. “Puff Herbals sells smokable herbal blends. This can be mixed with grass to get a softer spliff. Smokably is a retail distributor of organic dried herbs, exotic teas and spices from around the world. Mullein is mildly relaxing, helps promote calm feelings and fights anxiety. Typically, mullein is added to smoke mixtures to reduce hardness. It burns slowly and steadily, with it.

We use truly pronounceable, ethical and high quality ingredients for your product. We work with local producers to find our formulas. This supports the local economy, gives us the strongest harvests and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. We make products from herbs that grow here, rather than herbs from the Amazon, China or Africa. Often, these trendy herbs are taken unsustainably and locals no longer have access to their indigenous medicines. Bioregional herbalism is where it is! You can buy a variety of individually smokable plants from your local herbalist or mixed herbs to smoke at various online head stores like ours. But be careful before buying smokable herbs, as freshness, dryness, and origin can vary from place to place. Control the active effect of your favorite herb, whether you have work to do or hang out with your best buds. The majority of herbs listed here are “smokable,” but there are other effective ways to consume them. The tea is great. These psychoactive herbs, often referred to as cannabis alternative, herbal smoke, or legal high, can be used in a variety of herbal blends.

With its pleasant and fruity taste, raspberry leaf is a popular addition to frankincense blends and herbal teas. When used in tea, raspberry leaf helps stabilize blood sugar and blood sugar. Tobacco-free: Our classic blend is designed to cleanse and support the lungs and treat cravings, stress and withdrawal symptoms. (Real) Ingredients: mullein*, marshmallow leaf*, lobelia*, tulsi*, skullcap* (or oat straw* or passionflower*,) damiana*. Heart`s Ease: A blend of anchoring and soothing to help anxious and/or sad people. This is great for those who smoke for emotional reasons. (Real) Ingredients: mullein*, lobelia*, marshmallow leaf*, lemon balm*, tulsi*, rose*Party life: For sociable smokers who want a delicious oral fixation on the go. Also adds energy to the alcohol sedative. (Real) Ingredients: mullein*, lobelia*, marshmallow leaf*, yerba mate*, mint* (*organic)Our incense blends are self-rolled (or smoke them in a popular smoking accessory – we offer a canoe add-on for this purpose). We don`t deploy our mixes. There are several ways to buy smoke mixes:1. An assortment: a sample of the three mixtures (each about 0.25 oz), with hemp roll paper and a grinder.

This is a good choice if you need a starter kit and want to try different blends. Each roll of sheet metal contains about 10 smokers.2. A Lil` Stash: an unbreakable box made from a mixture of 0.2 oz (choose one!) and a pack of paper rolls. Great option to carry your smoke mixtures with you. Each roll of sheet metal contains about 10 smokers.3. A 1.5-ounce sachet of your choice (known as a refill). This is the most economical choice if you are mainly looking for only the herbal mixture. It rolls a heckuvalotta smokes: 60 approximately! We also offer a “Dugout” add-on that allows you to store a small amount of your mixture and store a “One Hitter”, which is made of metal, reusable and easy to pack with the canoe. Our shelters are made of natural wood, the only hitter is metal. Conserving resources and is eco chic! Unlike the legality of cannabis products, our smokable herbal blends offered for sale on this website do not contain psychoactives or hallucinogens and are subject to the most specific health regulations as directed by the FDA and Health Canada.

Spliffs of our herbal smoke blends with CBD hemp flower Many people don`t realize that smoking herbs is an old way of delivering medication – as it releases the drug directly into the lungs where it enters the bloodstream. This is useful for immediate effects, treatment of the lungs themselves, as well as smoking cessation (commercial tobacco cigarettes). Learn more about the organic and wildly made flowers and herbs we offer Supportive herbs — or kicker — usually have stronger effects Herbal cigarettes made from legal smokable herbs are a great nicotine-free alternative to cigarettes and offer different intensities, from very mild smoke to a light smoker to medium smoke. To buy herbal smoke blends reliably, you`d better buy one of our balanced Meo Marley recipes to start your journey. Roll your own, mix them with other herbs, do a ceremony or enjoy them as tea. There are many smokable books and herbal websites that talk about alternatives to tobacco, with the most well-known smokable plants you may have heard of, mullein, damiana, passionflower and even mint! You can either browse our informative blog about smoking herbs or download our smokable herbal ebook! We are often asked, “What herbs can you smoke?” so we made a list. There are many herbal blending recipes that different people have created by mixing smokable herbs, flowers, and even roots! The concept is simple; You want your herbal blend recipe to have a basic ingredient that doesn`t taste much, but provides good texture for an easy roll. As basic herbs we like to use mullein, damiana or sage. Herbal alternatives can help you quit smoking, lose weight, or just relax after a busy day. Learn how to create your own plant-based smoke mix recipe and easily roll your plant-based cigarettes by following our complete guide! Herbal incense blends to roll alone or mix with other plants As a herbal base, I recommend mullein, damiana, gotu kola, mugwort or raspberry leaves.

These provide a neutral, smooth smoke that burns well. These can effectively replace tobacco and are typically used in herbal cigarettes. For supportive effects, I recommend white sage, dagga wildflowers, blue lotus, and catnip, which are typically used for their health benefits or depressive properties.