International LL.M. Student Career Services We are committed to helping all law school students, including those progressing towards their LL.M. degree. Learn more about the expatriate LL.M. career services we offer. Intercollegiate Job Bank Intercollegiate Job Bank lists job reports from more than 110 law schools in the United States. While the majority of these job postings are for graduates and alumni, many list jobs available for the 3Ls. The data in the NAAP Summary Report may differ slightly from the school-specific data published by the ACA due to differences in definition between the two organizations and because the NAP quality control process may result in changes that may not be reflected in the ABA data. *In accordance with disclosures required by the ABA, please note that employment performance information for the Class of 2020 may not reflect the typical results of a particular law school in this area.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bar exams have been cancelled or postponed in many jurisdictions, making it harder for graduates to find employment until the annual date of graduates` employment status on March 15. Please see the results of the three years of employment published on the ABA Required Disclosures website of each ABA-approved law school or at Mock Interviews Practice your skills in interviewing guidance counsellors during the summer interview preparation program with guidance counsellors in August and with lawyers during the mock interview program: private sector and mock interview program: public sector in November. In addition, you can schedule a mock in-person interview with our guidance counsellors at any time of the year by scheduling via Symplicity or by contacting the CSO by phone at 512-232-1150 or by email at Requesting reciprocity with other law schools If you are a Texas law student or alumnus, the CSO will support reciprocity requests from other ABA-accredited law schools that provide mutual Texas law services. All advertised positions at the University of Texas School of Law must be real employment opportunities. Employers who post a job offer agree to abide by our non-discrimination policy. A Texas law degree opens the doors to the nation`s most venerable law firms, is valued in the chambers of the nation`s highest courts, and is an asset to many of the best and brightest public interest lawyers and academics in the country. We are committed to supporting the many paths our graduates can take with a law degree in Texas, nationwide, and around the world. Use your time at Texas Law to explore a range of career opportunities and stay open to opportunities that come your way.

Throughout the year, take the time to participate in our panels and workshops highlighting different areas of practice, and network with as many lawyers as possible to learn more about the legal profession. Each year, more than 700 law employer firms around the world recruit Texas law students through our on-campus and off-campus interview programs. In addition, an average of more than 1,500 part-time, summer and postgraduate jobs are listed each year on our online job board. Employers who recruit with Texas Law agree to contact the Career Services Office if their position is closed, cancelled, or changed, and to notify students or graduates hired. In addition to off-campus diversity interview programs, many law firms offer summer internships and diversity scholarships. Texas Law Hiring Employers – As of 2021, more than 800 law employer firms around the world are surveying Texas law students on and off campus. In addition, nearly 3,900 summer, semester and postgraduate positions have been listed on our online job board. Below are the salaries of Texas law graduates full-time and long-term for classes from 2019 to 2021*. Summer and Graduate Scholarships You can search for summer and graduate scholarships by employer type, semester type, eligible class years, and diversity groups. HireTexas Access HireUTexas powered by Handshake to seek career-related and career-focused employment and internship opportunities with employers looking to hire UT Austin students and alumni. HireUTexas is especially useful for those seeking a career outside of practice.

Job board on Symplicity We recommend that you frequently visit the job board on Symplicity and subscribe to the weekly “CSO Jobs of the Week” legal mail. Please check that all information is correct before sending. Job vacancies are published within three working days. Campus Interview and Networking Programs In the fall, we host on-campus interviews for 2L, 3L, LL.Ms and graduates, and in the spring, our interview programs are open to all Texas law students, including 1L. In addition, we host networking programs for all Texas law students over the course of both semesters. Employers can post job offers free of charge in the CSO job bank on Symplicity. Texas law students can participate in one of more than 20 off-campus interview programs nationwide in cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, to name a few. International J.D. Career Services for Students We are committed to helping international young female students achieve their career goals by providing the full range of career services available to national young female students. Please contact a guidance counsellor for more information. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with work visa options and restrictions that are relevant for international students, such as CPT and TPO visas. Public Service Fair and Public Service Job Fair In the fall, we host the Public Service Expo, and in the spring, the Public Service Job Fair for all Texas law students.

Whether you are a law firm, large or small, a government agency, a public interest organization, a business consultant, or a court, we are happy to tell you about the recruitment opportunities offered by Texas Law. Out-of-State Job Search Learn how to conduct an out-of-state job search by developing a personalized plan for the market you`re interested in. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to restrict or remove without notice any job posting that appears to violate our non-discrimination and equality policy or that we otherwise deem inappropriate for our students and/or alumni. Resources for 3Ls and Graduates Looking for Work (UT-EID) Resources for alumni Establish an ongoing working relationship with us during your job search. Our guidance counsellors (each a licensed lawyer) can provide you with personalized career planning assistance to prepare you for today`s competitive job market. 1L Law Firm Application Program The 1L Law Firm Application Program allows first-year students to submit their resume and cover letters to participating law firms in order to obtain summer internship opportunities. We hope this streamlined system will give you more time to study for the final and less time and effort when applying to larger companies. CV books will be available to employers on November 1, 2022.