The firm`s intellectual property practice covers all facets of intellectual property, i.e. patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, trade secrets, publication law; and service offerings Another important and eagerly awaited development was the publication of a draft law on artificial intelligence. In fact, AI remains a growing trend; For example, the AI market is expected to reach $191 billion by 2025. This will continue to challenge existing legal frameworks and traditional ways of thinking: everywhere technology influences law and justice influences technology. Our team continues to be the preeminent TMT practice in the U.S., if not the world, representing not only the largest and most important companies, but also innovative new players across the TMT spectrum. We have long been the “gold standard” because of our experience, commitment to excellence and creative solutions to deliver results to our clients efficiently and cost-effectively. The firm`s practice brings together an interdisciplinary team of litigators and transaction lawyers who advise major technology, media and telecommunications companies. At TMT, we represent clients in the following specialized sectors: Ropes & Gray`s industry-leading litigation practice represents TMT`s clients in a variety of disputes, including: The firm is increasingly advising clients in this area on a wide range of domestic and cross-border transactions, with a particular focus on Indian exchange control regulations and foreign direct investment eligibility. The firm has also represented Indian companies/groups of companies receiving private equity investments in domestic or cross-border transactions. Abhishek Malhotra, founding partner of the firm, graduated from National Law School India University in Bangalore.

He is an attorney in the state of California. He has two decades of experience as a lawyer with strong expertise in intellectual property, TMT and commercial litigation. Other partners include Sapna Chaurasia, who runs the Disputes vertical in Mumbai; Sanjay Kumar, who recently joined the firm as Practice Leader for the firm`s pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare practice, is also based in Mumbai. Rajeev Parashar leads the firm`s Corporate, Commercial and Transactional practice; Meghana Chandorkar is responsible for Media & Entertainment transactions. Aahna Mehrotra leads the sports and gaming and entertainment industries; Bagmisikha Puhan is an associate partner who leads the firm`s technology and digital health practice and data protection practice. Anushree Yewale is an associate partner who, along with Meghana, leads the firm`s largest media practice industries. We also rely on our network of Of Counsel, Deepak Biswas (Banking & Finance, Insolvency and Employment Laws) and Ricab Chand, who handles litigation in Bangalore. E-commerce and data have become key drivers of the Indian economy and are therefore driving many companies to invest heavily in all sectors. With increasing investment opportunities and stricter regulations, it is essential for any company intending to venture into this area or expand its own facilities that laws relating to foreign direct investment (sectoral boundaries), intellectual property, consumer protection, labelling and packaging standards, telecommunications (for marketing purposes) are well understood. and data protection; This is independent of the sector that is unblocked. Because the company believes in a holistic approach, as well as the manual position needed for execution and implementation, you will find in us versatile, solution-oriented professionals who specialize in delivering customer-centric services.

This conclusion can be applied to the other topics and questions discussed in this Chambers TMT 2022 guide. Understanding the legal framework that applies to your technology or workspace is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises or unwanted obstacles. With the publication of this guide, we want to give you a useful overview of the legal framework that applies to key aspects of the TMT industry, helping you navigate this ever-changing industry where law and technology continually influence each other. The firm`s practice includes intellectual property, regulatory, corporate and transaction, dispute resolution and legislative work in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. Our lawyers combine in-depth legal knowledge with a deep understanding of the TMT market and the regulatory and policy factors that can influence business decisions. We have deep knowledge of disruptive and more traditional technologies that support today`s digital economy. In this context, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that these issues have become even more relevant.