Although Adrian is madly in love with his wife, Adrian is attracted to his wife`s best friend and begins an illegal affair with Nicole. Nicole is deeply in love with her best friend`s husband, who gives her the care and attention she seeks. She risks her lifelong friendship with Monica. We`re just waiting for you to mark this episode as watched before revealing any discussions, reviews, and special content. In case of spoilers! Since the first episode, the show has become a hot topic online and has even been trending on Twitter around the world. [16] Who do you think was the biggest character in this episode? The Legal Wife was originally scheduled to air on October 28, 2013. [11] He was then postponed to November 2013 to replace Na Lang Kita Mamaharin of Buka. But due to demand from fans of Korean novels and recording conflicts due to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the broadcast was postponed because of the Korean drama When a Man Falls in Love. [2] [12] Finally, the pilot episode of the series aired on January 27, 2014 as part of ABS-CBN`s Bida block during prime time.

Originally, the series was intended to replace When a Man Falls in Love, but later took over the time window cleared by Maria Mercedes due to the demanding demand from Koreanovela fans. [13] [14] Based on data collected by Kantar Media, the pilot episode attracted 21.1% of national viewers, making it the 5th most-watched prime-time show. It is the first Philippine television drama to win late prime-time ratings in all of its episodes. [17] The final of The Legal Wife received the highest national score at 36.2%. This is currently the highest rating in the country compared to a prime-time television show since the Philippines switched to a national television rating system in 2009. Reruns of episodes of the show will air on Jeepney TV. [20] PNG or JPG. Min. width: 500px. Maximum size: 2MB. The image must be about this episode.

After returning to her real family, Monica learns to love her real father and two brothers. Her father, Don Joaquin, loves Eloisa, forgives his wife and is kinder to her. Eloisa returns the favor wholeheartedly and learns to love and care for Joaquin. His feelings for Dante fade. Prior to the official broadcast of the TV series, ABS-CBN released several teasers of the show. One of them was the slap scene between Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador`s characters, broadcast on January 1, 2014. The trailer was well received and even went viral on the web, creating parodies and memes. [15] However, it was abruptly reduced due to the closure of ABS-CBN`s free-to-air stations following the National Telecommunications Commission`s cease and desist order due to the expiry of the licence. [23] When Camille died, Nicole was adopted by her agro-industrialist and wealthy grandfather, Don Eduardo Esquievel. The two little girls meet during an intramural inter-school meeting. They learn that they have the same “father” and lose him due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives. They quickly become friends and bond like orphaned sisters, remaining closely bonded throughout their adult lives.

The discovery of the case is explosive. The consequences of Adrian`s affair and deception, love and lust, are vividly described throughout the series. The story follows the lives of two best friends, Monica Santiago (Angel Locsin) and Nicole Esquivel (Maja Salvador). Childhood friends, both aspire to the love of a father. When Monica reached the age of 7, her mother returned to her husband as she longed to be reunited with her sons. Monica is troubled by a completely new environment with her wealthy father Javier (Christopher de Leon) and her two brothers Javi (Joem Bascon) and Jasper (Ahron Villena). Prior to the official broadcast of the show, his working titles were originally known as Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin[5] and Langis at Tubig. Jake Cuenca and Andi Eigenmann were originally part of the main cast,[7] but were replaced by JC de Vera and Maja Salvador.[6] Cuenca left the team to join Ikaw Lamang.

Paulo Avelino would also be part of the series, but later retired for personal reasons (and to join Honesto & Bridges of Love). [8] Avelino was later replaced by Jericho Rosales. [9] The theme song Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin? was originally sung by Sharon Cuneta and served as the theme song for the 1996 film Madrasta, in which Cuneta starred alongside Zsa Zsa Padilla and Christopher de Leon. The film was produced by Star Cinema. It was covered by Angeline Quinto and used as the theme song for the television series. Monica`s mother, Eloisa (Rio Locsin), escapes a controlling, jealous and abusive husband, but can only take her young daughter with her. His two sons remain behind. They are rescued from the streets by their childhood sweetheart Dante Ramos (Mark Gil), who takes them to Daet, Camarines Norte, a beautiful province in the northern Philippines. Dante raises Monica as if she were his child. Meanwhile, Dante leaves his girlfriend Camille Esquivel for Eloisa, unaware that she is pregnant with Nicole. Throughout her childhood, Nicole longed to meet her father. On March 18, 2020, ABS-CBN announced that the show would be repeated on the network`s Kapamilya Gold afternoon block starting March 23, 2020, taking over the Love Thy Woman time slot as part of ABS-CBN`s temporary program changes due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

[21] This rehearsal was originally scheduled to end on May 15, 2020. [22] Despite their painful past, the Santiago family thrived. Don Joaquin is a rich sardine magnate. Unfortunately, Eloisa`s past mistakes are traumatic for the two older children she left behind years ago and deeply hurt the psyche of the family, especially her eldest son Javie, who rejects her relationship with his mother and sister Monica. Nicole suffers from a similar trauma when she grows up without her father, which greatly affects her attitude towards men and constantly seeks love and validation from bad men. The relationship of the two best friends clashes when they love the same man. Monica meets and falls in love with Adrian (Jericho Rosales), the man she marries, who will teach her to love again and who will also break her heart.