Since I chose this law firm because of personal relationships, I never read Sara`s website until recently. Now that my divorce is over, I would have liked to read her thoughtful understanding and explanation of the problems faced by the parties to the divorce, which, in retrospect, clearly ran through all my relationships with her. My experience with Sara reflected wisdom beyond her age. She is a woman who has a deep understanding of legal procedures and the complexity of the emotional factors that unfold during such a stressful experience. We will guide you through your legal process with grace and dignity. Watch the video to learn more about us. From the moment I connected with Sara, I could say that she works out of compassion while respecting the law and deeply understanding the path to divorce: all the variables, trials and difficulties. I asked her services to advise me on how to legally complete the process myself, she only intervened when I needed intervention or advice. If you are looking for family law practitioners, I would not hesitate to work with Sara. She is first class in a difficult time. Sara gave me the strong emotional support I needed to get through these difficult situations while providing me with excellent legal advice that helped me achieve my end goals. I feel like I got the best of both worlds with Sara.

I would recommend them to anyone. While divorce is never a process you enjoy going through, Sara Ross (of Ross Law) has made the process as painless as possible. She was understanding, warm, supportive, professional and explained to me all the different procedures and protocols of the divorce process. I found her exceptionally cheap in price – she negotiated with me when I was struggling to make payments, and I found her services worth every penny. Sara helped me figure out how to spend the rest of my life. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone seeking legal representation or advice. Ross PLLC is a New York-based law firm serving clients in global markets and industries. Our team includes law and industry, regulatory and law firms. We provide legal advice based on an understanding of economic factors, financial considerations and changing market standards.

How would you rate your overall experience with this company? Sara is very professional and knowledgeable. She cares about her attention to detail while respecting her clients` time and money. Her lovely personality made the job very easy and I highly recommend her. Victim of a crime? Jeremiah uses his ability to empathize with victims and the skills he has learned as a prosecutor to bring wrongdoers to justice. By submitting this form, you agree to receive email communications from FindLaw regarding the management of your notice. MUTUAL FUNDS | SECURITIES LAW | | VENTURE CAPITAL| OF CORPORATE LAW TAXES Going through a divorce was an extremely difficult experience for me. Having Sara as my lawyer made me feel like I was in the best hands I could be and that she cared about me and what I was going through every step of the way. Sara is extremely professional and at the same time very friendly. She is extremely intelligent and an incredible lawyer.

I highly recommend Sara. Lawyers for Ross Legal Group, P.C. have served our community for the past 21 years, and we will continue to serve you now. Simply call Ali to make an appointment or conference call with Michelle J. Doherty or Karen M. Ross. Stay safe and healthy, and we`ll see you soon. A friend who had worked with Sara during her divorce referred Sara to me.

I got to know Sara both as a person and as a professional while she was handling my divorce, and she is not only brilliant, but truly an amazing person. I have always been impressed by their sensitivity and empathy throughout this very difficult process. I felt emotionally supported and comfortable knowing that I had one of the most competent lawyers in Boulder to represent me. I am very grateful that my friend introduced me to Sara and I am happy to have been able to work with such an incredible lawyer and person. I don`t wish anyone a divorce, but if you have to go through it at the end, I highly recommend hiring Sara. She is incredibly thorough, responsive and caring and really worth every penny. There are too many things to manage and master during this type of process, but Sara`s help and guidance has made managing, understanding, and getting through it much easier. Please let us know how you feel working with this law firm.

Do not disclose any personal information or details about your case. All opinions submitted will be shared with the law firm prior to publication. I worked with Sara a few years ago when she was starting out in Boulder. Sara is what all lawyers should strive to achieve, honest, caring, hardworking and dedicated to those who come to her for help during the most devastating time of their lives. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with this young woman and I would like to encourage everyone who is facing this difficult time in their lives to hire Sara to help them through the process. We offer the following services to clients of all sizes, industries and geographic locations. During this pandemic, many of your neighbours called us and wanted to complete these documents. Everyone has an interest in the safety of their health. They want this service done quickly to minimize their risk of exposure to Covid-19. Sara is a versatile and knowledgeable person who shows a sincere interest in her clients and their well-being. She has my recommendation. Secured bond issuances, loans and project financing under New York and English law, supported by various guarantees and receivables.

Our clients` work often begins after closing and we stick to transactions throughout the credit lifecycle, including default, maturity and restructuring. Member of the dedicated non-lawyer team helping clients research, review, and evaluate blockchain use cases and customized training programs. This is a worrying period in our history. One of the concerns many of you have is not having a will, not having a living trust (also known as a continuing power of attorney for health care), or having an outdated estate plan. Who makes your health decisions when you can`t? Who is allowed to talk to doctors or hospital staff when you are admitted to the hospital? What happens to your property when you die? I am a lawyer/trustee from Boulder County who has worked extensively with Ms. Ross on a complex family law matter. She was inexhaustibly competent and attentive, bringing an enlightened responsiveness to every problem and contact. Ms. Ross` practice is a rare and perfect blend of expertise, excellent relationships with each party and professional, and meticulous attention to detail that makes you feel like they have been very well cared for professionally and personally. Jeremiah attended California Western School of Law. While in law school, Jeremiah interned for various public defense companies and was hired as a prosecutor in 2007.

During his tenure as prosecutor, Jeremiah conducted dozens of jury trials and numerous hearings. In 2011, Jeremiah left the prosecution to pursue his dream of having his own law firm. Guaranteed loans, acquisitions, disbursements, refinancings and strategic projects. In addition to transaction advice, we regularly review mutual funds, collateral portfolios and form documents. We help our customers solve these problems. We draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney for health and finance. We prepare these documents quickly and expertly so that they meet your needs. Sara has empathy and efficiency – two things combined that I didn`t expect from a lawyer.

I felt like she was really an advocate for what was best for me, while respecting my choices once I made them. I also found his attention to detail reassuring. Thank you, Sara! My experience with Sara has been wonderful and encouraging. I found it very reliable as it provided both precise attention to detail and structure for the whole process. She also brings amazing presence, kindness and wisdom. I highly recommend working with her! We will protect you and us while we work for you and meet with you. How? We advise you by phone or personally with masks. We stay 6 feet apart. To minimize personal contact, you can send us your information by e-mail or write your information and drop it in the mailbox next to the door of our office.

We prepare draft documents and email them to you for review. You come to our office and sign the documents with masks. In his spare time, Jérémie enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and grown children. He is an avid surfer, enjoys hiking, running, snowboarding, biking and regularly rides his bike. Wounded? Being hurt by someone else can quickly turn your life upside down. Jeremy will fight for compensation for your losses. Ross PLLC is a New York-based law firm founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience assisting clients with debt capital markets transactions. We have particular expertise in advising on transactions with Latin American debtors and U.S. dollar structured sources of liquidity. Our approach has a proven track record of increasing transaction efficiency and managing risk. After years in the divorce space, Sara realized there had to be a better way. She has become an authority on mediation and collaborative divorce.

It`s about doing what`s best for you, your family and your future. Don`t confuse this with the inability to fight. Sara is an excellent lawyer and a strong lawyer. I always felt she had my best interest in my heart. It`s hard to get through a divorce, and I`ve appreciated their leadership, compassion, and professionalism.