Looking for information on how to become a police officer? See Police Training Guide 101 for more information on police training and becoming a police officer.  At least 40 hours of training, including the current Legislative Update Course #3187. 20 hours of continuing education per 2-year training session Note: Some jurisdictions may require more training than the state minimum, which is not included in our dataset. You can consult the latest census of training academies under the Bureau of Justice Statistics Act (2013) for the averages of the academies and the distribution of programs. *This mandate takes precedence over the above unit and cycle requirements, but does not take precedence over “prescribed additional rates”. Because there are no government requirements for police to report deadly violence, the institute uses independent sources such as Fatal Encounters and the Washington Post Fatal Force Database for Citizens Killed by Police. Statistics on police deaths are provided in the Federal Bureau of Investigation`s “Law Enforcement Officers Assaulted & Killed” report. Police and law enforcement agencies are responsible for peacekeeping. They prosecute and arrest people who break the law, enforce traffic laws, arrest suspected criminals, solve community problems, respond to emergencies and investigate crimes.

Please report corrections or errors: info@trainingreform.org Cultural Diversity Course (#3939) all 4-year training cycles (unless exempted due to the performance certification of an intermediate or senior peace officer) and Mental Health (#4900) before 31/08/25.  In addition to the above requirements for a “certified peace officer”, the Civil Procedure course (#3131) must be completed at each 4-year training cycle. Individuals who are not assigned to a department must go through one of our training providers to complete the required training outlined above. TCOLE does not accept training that is not offered by one of our suppliers. The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform collects data for basic training, field training, and seniority as a minimum requirement required by state legislators or the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST). You can view our dataset here. Do you have any questions? Request a demo or fill out this form below and an Apex agent representative will contact you. Licensed peace officers (including county sheriffs and deputy constables): Training mandates – printer-friendly (01.09.17 – 31.08.21) Current 2-year training unit: (01.09.21 – 31.08.23):. *For a list of eligible equivalent courses, see: www.tcole.texas.gov/content/course-equivalents-0.