You will complete three 100-point tasks to write legal questions: a legal analysis, a case description, and a law dissertation. You need to spend about 9 hours per lesson reading and doing writing assignments. 70% is the minimum score for all tests and assignments in this course. Please note that there are no extensions for this online course. Students may consider continuing to work in the curriculum if they have time. Blackstone`s Foundations of Legal Research online certificate program and online career schools expand your research opportunities, enhance your writing skills, and teach you the ins and outs of computer-aided legal research with LexisAdvance®. Paralegals are often asked to conduct an initial case analysis, research a variety of legal topics, draft legal documents, and use public documents and information sources to compile information. This course, Fundamentals of Legal Research with LexisAdvance® is designed to help you accomplish all these tasks and more! With LexisAdvance®, the leading online legal, news and business information service for paralegals and lawyers, you get fast and accurate information – a must if you`re working under tight deadlines. As a Blackstone student, you are entitled to in-person LexisAdvance training® that matches your skills and needs, as well as access to resources that unlock the potential of the research tools available to you on the LexisNexis®University website. Additionally, completing the required Paralegal Master`s Certificate program may result in CLE loans in many states (check with your state`s Paralegal Association).

Successful completion of the Paralegal Certificate Course, Part I (Paralegal 1 and 2) or equivalent experience or experience in a law firm. • Introduction to Lexis Advance • Use of secondary sources for initial case analysis • Search for laws and regulations • Search for case law • Review of citations with Shepard`s Citation Service Thorough® research, excellent writing and careful analysis are an integral part of legal work. As Bryan Garner notes in The Winning Brief, “good writing can win cases, and bad writing can cause them to lose.” Finding the law, formulating it and applying it clearly and correctly is the path to success in legal practice. Your training includes access to live support so you can make the most of the research tools available. LexisAdvance`s dedicated support staff® will provide personalized search assistance if you get stuck during your search. The LexisAdvance database gives you a solid foundation® in the principles and practice of legal research and writing. Blackstone`s accredited online legal research with LexisAdvance® is designed to prepare students to help lawyers create and create formal documentation for their work. By completing all self-checks and exams for this course, you will have a better understanding of legal research and case studies and be prepared to enter a new field of paralegal or take on additional responsibilities in your current job. You will carry out five legal researches in 30 points and write practical application exercises with WESTLAW online legal research.

This course covers the fundamentals of legal research, writing, and analysis, as well as the skills needed for effective legal communication. You will be introduced to the principles of good legal writing, commonly used legal research sources, legal brief formats and appropriate legal citations. You will find that writing is not only a means of communication, but also an essential part of developing the analytical skills required to practice law. This course is open only to students in our Paralegal Certificate Program. You will not be able to register until your application for a paralegal certificate is approved. The LexisNexis® Master`s Certificate Program is designed to familiarize you with the tools paralegals use to streamline their day-to-day tasks. Five one-hour training sessions cover the following topics: In this course, students will learn how to conduct legal research, writing, and analysis. Students will learn how to identify, use, and analyze primary and secondary legal authorities to solve legal problems, and how to structure and design legal notes, letters, oral presentations, and other professional communications. You will also post your answers to six class participation tasks worth 10 points each. These assignments are called message board submissions and are submitted either by selecting bulletin board submissions in the class material or by selecting “Forums” under Activities in the right sidebar of your course. Your score is based on completion of six tests, two exams, and participation in the bulletin board. You can access exams and tests from the course materials or by selecting “Assignments” under Activities in the right sidebar of your course.

You have the opportunity to participate in the “Podcast Participation” by using the bulletin board tool to complete the e-bulletin board assignments throughout the course.